Monday, 15 September 2014


Today is not one of your usual post that you get from my little blog. I was invited by the lovely Daisy of prettygreentea to do a Blog Hop. The idea is to introduce two bloggers and the bloggers that I introduced will introduce two bloggers each. It is more of spreading the love into the blogging world. By the way, incase you haven't heard about Daisy, you should defo check her blog in which I left a link above. Before introducing the two bloggers, I first have to answer a few questions.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


Summer has been really lovely this year. The weather has been pretty amazing and mostly everyone I know are in good spirits. I will be sharing with you snapshots that bring back good memories from this summer. This will be short and sweet but will be a photo-heavy post. I am sorry in advance. I think I can express myself more in photos than in words.

Thursday, 11 September 2014



The Precious Ones is the new collection of Zoeva's Graphic Eye Pencils. I already professed my love to Zoeva, both to their brushes and cosmetics, several times. Their new collection has five new shades which I think is great for Autumn/Winter. Zoeva claims that their graphic pencils delivers the smoothness of a liquid eyeliner in a pencil form. I am beyond excited because of that claim.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014



Since I tried some Kiko cosmetics earlier this year, I became one of their biggest fanatic. The Kiko Daring Game is the brand's limited edition for Autumn. It is inspired by the daring souls who gambles. The brand aims to deliver luxurious and sophisticated cosmetics with this collection. The collection has everything from eyeshadows to bronzer and nail polishes. I will be sharing with you my thoughts and favourites from the collection.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


If you are living in England, you can really relate to this post. The UK as of the moment has a weather who can't decide for itself. It can be sunny in a minute and pouring down with rain the next time you peep at the window. You go out prettily dressed for the rain and in the middle of the day, the sun will be shining so brightly. I think you get the jest, dressing up is really difficult as the weather is really bonkers. I manage to somehow built up a transitional wardrobe that can be both appropriate for the unpredictable weather. A disclaimer, most are just basics and please don't expect any styling tips as I only live mostly on monochrome and greys.