Saturday, 25 October 2014


I think Cambridge is at it's best during Autumn. It paints a very picturesque photo of the infamous city. Every now and then, I pop in to Cambridge simply because it's close to where I live. Not really that close but still relatively close. I like the laidback environment of the city and its unique vibe. I also love the fact that it is quite small despite it's a city. I can reach my favourite destinations by walking. Last weekend, Ryan and I decided to paid a visit to Cambridge. Whenever we visit the city, we always end up just sitting on our favourite spots in which we discovered along all our visits to the city. This post will be short and hopefully sweet with some photos tagged with it.

Thursday, 23 October 2014



So I have professed my love for Make-up Revolution. I have a whole loads of lipsticks from the brand in which you can find here. If you still haven't heard of the brand (in which I really doubt) Make-Up Revolution is a new brand that just launch within this year. It offers very affordable products and some good dupes of high-end make-up cults. It becomes a very popular brand as aside from their great prices and beautiful products, their customer service is really commendable.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014



Last weekend, a Make-Up Revolution Parcel arrived at my doorstep. I am always curious and excited with parcels so I immediately opened it. Imagine my surprise when the contents are probably the dupe of the Nars Multiple. Have I got your attention now? Make-Up Revolution The One Blush Stick is here. Eight pieces of blushes in a stick with choices of matte or dewy finish.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Weekend mornings are the only days in the week in where I could eat breakfast leisurely. My mornings and breakfast during weekdays are all in a rush and just seems a blur. Working girls out there can surely relate. In my case, it is always a choice of getting up early or sleeping extra minutes. The latter often wins thus the rushing and panicking on most mornings. Weekend on the other hand is a different case. I always try my best not to do anything early during weekends if I can help it. By doing this, I can prepare my breakfast as pretty and as long as I can. A disclaimer, no fancy thing going on in here as a I am a really boring individual.

Friday, 17 October 2014



First and foremost, I am going to admit that I bought the Ciate Haute House Collection because it is package beautifully. It may sound very superficial but we should treat ourselves every now and then. Well that's my excuse most of the time. The Haute House is Ciate's fall edition for its seasonal house collection. It is inspired by luxurious lingerie label thus the name of the nail polishes are somewhat cheeky.